What is the London to Brighton Mini Run?

As the name suggests this is an annual rally/parade from London to Brighton. At the end of the run the event takes the form of a static car show, taking over the whole of Brighton seafront from the Marina to the Pier. The whole things is organised by London & Surrey Mini Owners Club and 2014 will be the 30th run. There will be a total of 2100 official tickets sold and these are usually all gone by the end of February, and then hundreds more participate in an un-official capacity.

I would like a trade stand, how do I book?

Please visit the trade section of this website and use the downloadable application form.

When does it take place?

The rally and show will take place on Sunday 17th May 2015 – however some people choose to arrive the day before and camp at the starting venue, and to help celebrate the L2B 30th Anniversary additional activities will be held at Crystal Palace, and camping will open around 12 noon.

How do I apply for a ticket? What does my ticket get me?

If you are a member of LSMOC you will receive your official application form in the post in mid December. Members should complete this form and follow the instructions on the letter. Members of other Mini Clubs should try contacting their events organisers, as about 60 clubs are given the opportunity to book direct, and your club may be organising a block booking. Non-Club members and the general public can apply online at www.minispares.com - tickets go on sale on 12th January.  Your ticket gets you a Run Pack which includes a Run Plaque, Run Sticker, Run T-Shirt and Official Program, as well as access to the official parking areas at Crystal Palace and Madeira Drive Brighton and many other goodies generously donated by our sponsors.

Can I join in the Run without a Ticket? And do I need a Mini to join in the Fun?

We are limited to 2,100 official runners, so if you have been unable to obtain a ticket but still want to join the fun you can! You can join the run on-route along the A23 or from outside Crystal Palace Park, go with the convoy and then park in one of Brighton’s many public car-parks (only cars with tickets can park on the sea front and access Crystal Palace), pedestrians can enter Madeira Drive free of charge so you don’t even need a Mini if you live in Brighton or just want a fun day with Minis. Please note that camping at Crystal Palace is only open for use by ticket holders – this is due to the high number expected for camping.

What kinds of Minis are allowed to do the run?

In a word any! Classics, Variants, New BMW MINIS – all are welcome! Sorry, but we do not accept Mini Metro’s on the run.

Where does it happen?

The run starts at The Terraces, Crystal Palace Park, Anerley Hill, London SE19 2AA (for those of you who want multi-map directions don’t worry we send you a map with your tickets) and ends on the Sea Front at Madeira Drive, Brighton (via the Dukes Mount Entrance for General Runners and Non-LSMOC Club Stands, or the Pier for SNS entrants and LSMOC Club Stand).

What route will the rally take?

The official route is via the A23, although many do use the M23 – and any other route you can think of! To see the official route on a map go to www.tinyurl.com/L2Broute. We strongly suggest that if you are unofficially participating that you consider joining on-route rather than outside Crystal Palace Park as this year it will be very busy. The run starts at 8.00 am and the last cars leave Crystal Palace at around 10.15 am.

What time does it all start and finish?

If you decide to camp at Crystal Palace Park you will be given access from 12pm on Saturday 16th May. If you plan to arrive on the morning of the run you should try to get to Crystal Palace Park for registration opening at 5am. The official run start time will be 8am so be sure to arrive early and collect your run pack. Once on the run time seems to slip away so you will probably arrive in Brighton at lunch time ready to spend the afternoon taking in the view of thousands of Minis taking over the entire sea front. The official show close is 5pm after the prize giving, although people (other than SNS) are free to leave earlier. Keep an eye on the itinerary and news pages for more details of timings, there is a lot happening on the day and you won’t want to miss anything!

How long will my tickets take to arrive? How do I know if I’ve got a place?

If applying by post and you are successful in obtaining a place on the run you will receive your tickets about 3 weeks after application. If you are unsuccessful your cheque and application will be returned to you as soon as possible. In 2014 we had a number of issues with people applying for tickets, and then suddenly emailing a week before the event to ask why they had not received tickets, and they were disappointed – to ensure this does not happen again, please email me if you have still not received tickets 4 weeks after applying, and ensure you attach sufficient postage to your application to ensure it reaches us, and remember you have to pay higher postage costs for large envelopes.

What if I lose my ticket?

We have a policy of no ticket no entry. Any lost ticket replacements will be charged a £5 administration charge for a reissue ticket (all the proceeds of this charge will be donated directly to our chosen charities).  Under no circumstances will a lost or not received ticket be reissued after 1st May 2015.

What if I don’t know what car I will be in when I buy my ticket?

Put a note on your application that the details are to follow and e-mail us at least two weeks prior to the run to allow us to update our database.

What if I want to change my details? Or the details of the car I intend to use?

You must inform us immediately ensuring you tell us your run number, old details and new details using any of the methods on the contacts page but ideally via email to enquiries@london-to-brighton.co.uk

I have sold my car, and no longer require the ticket, can you give a refund or can I sell it?

Tickets can only be refunded if returned to us complete by the end of February, after this time refunds will not be given. Tickets cannot be transferred or sold without prior consent of LSMOC; if you are unsure email and ask. We do monitor eBay to ensure tickets are not traded so please be aware we do not allow tickets to be re-sold on eBay. This may seem unfair however we do not want Mini owners to be exploited and forced to pay prices higher than the face value of the ticket. We may allow resale but only if it is for the original price. If a ticket is re-sold we retain the right to reject or refuse entry, and car registration numbers are validated.

Can I enter the Show ‘n’ Shine?

Yes details will be provided in your run information leaflet (posted to you with your ticket). There is a limit of 15 cars per category, and you will be contacted in writing to confirm your place.

I am new to all this, do you have any advise?

Buy a ticket using the instructions given earlier and just arrive at Crystal Palace Park on time. After that just go with the flow with 2099 other minis on the run and about 5000 people all doing the same thing, you will soon catch the drift, don’t worry! Book early to avoid disappointment, tickets sell fast! We are always over-subscribed.

What facilities are provided at Crystal Palace? Is camping available and is there a charge?

Camping is allowed free of charge at Crystal Palace Park, from 12am on Saturday, but you must have packed up by 6.00am on Sunday morning. Facilities are limited to toilets with wash basins and running cold water (not hot water or showers). It can get a little noisy so if you have a family or children try to camp away from the noisy ones. Security will be on-site overnight along with food retailers and First Aid coverage. If you want a more civilised camping experience Crystal Palace does have an official Caravan Club camp-site very close, details can be obtained from Telephone 0208 778 7155 – or visit www.caravanclub.co.uk

I am an Orange / Blue Badge holder can you help?

Badge holders should e-mail us on enquiries@london-to-brighton.co.uk for information and special arrangements.

How do I buy extra T-shirts run packs and children’s T-shirts?

These cannot be pre-ordered however LSMOC will be selling adult and children’s T-shirts and additional run packs at Crystal Palace and Brighton. So don’t worry you can get extras!

Will you be selling limited edition L2B models?

After the success of previous years, LSMOC will be once again producing a limited number of London to Brighton models; these will be sold on a first-come first-served basis from the LSMOC stand at Brighton.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes providing they are well controlled and kept on a lead at all times.

Are there any rules?

Unfortunately yes!

  • Obviously you should follow the normal traffic laws when on the public highways, and observe a 5mph speed limit within Crystal Palace Park.
  • Always follow the directions of the Marshals and park where told.
  • Do not light fires or fireworks at Crystal Palace. London & Surrey Mini Owners Club reserves the right to disqualify / refuse entry to anyone who is thought to be driving recklessly, on the Run or at either end, without a refund.
  • Strictly no exhaust flamers,
  • It’s not a race, and there is plenty of time, the Brighton festivities will not start before 11am.
  • The Show ‘n’ Shine judge’s decision is final as is the right to transfer any mini from class to class in the Show ‘n’ Shine.
  • LSMOC does not accept liability for any loss of damage of any kind due to participating in the Run. Remember thieves may be operating on the run and in your area! Lock all valuables away and have a great time!
  • The run is for Minis / MINIS / Variants ONLY and if you turn up in any other car you will not be permitted at either end of the run, you should also note that only Minis can enter the show areas including the camping areas!
  • Be nice and patient.
  • If you can think of any other items that should be included in this list let us know on enquiries@london-to-brighton.co.uk