Show and shine  

Get the polish out!!!


Entry to the Show ‘n’ Shine is available to everyone who has been successful in applying for the run and who has a ticket. It is a great way to show-off your pride and joy, and whilst your car does not have to be in perfect condition it does have to be very, very clean. The full competition details and application form will be posted to you along with your run ticket, unless you have purchased your ticket online and if so these will appear as an attachment with your Mini Spare confirmation email or you can download your run booklet from the London to Brighton website.


You will need to fill out the application form as stated in the booklet that accompanied your ticket, select the class you would like to enter, and send it to our PO Box address with a stamped addressed envelope and a photo of your car. If you are successful in gaining a place in the Show ‘n’ Shine, a copy of the rules and instructions, judging form and window sticker will be sent to you two weeks before the run.

The deadline for all applications is end April 2016. 

Due to limits in each class, we are unable to guarantee places in the Show ‘n’ Shine competition and we reserve the right to move cars into other classes should the class you applied for be full or inappropriate.


Important please note

The Show ‘n’ Shine competition is very popular and to try and avoid disappointment and unsuccessful applications, please check the progress bars (right) which confirm how full the classes currently are. If you are part of a club stand or trade stand, you will not be able to apply for the Show ‘n’ Shine as your Mini will be parked in a different area, and to qualify for the Show ‘n’ Shine you MUST start at Crystal Palace and have completed the run in your entry car, those who have not will be disqualified! This means no trailers and no going directly to Brighton.

Spaces available  

Class A


Class B


Class C


Class D


Class E


Class F


Class G


Class H


Class I



Show and shine classes   Click ‘+’ for full details  

Mini 1959-1969 (A)

All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period

Mini 1970-1979 (B)

All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period

Mini 1980-1989 (C)

All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period

Mini 1990-2001 (D)

All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period (Classics Only)

MINI 2001-Present (E)

All makes and models of standard New MINIS

Commercial classics (F)

Mokes, Pickups and Vans

Highly modified (G)

Highly modified classics (altered bodywork or major customisation including race cars, shorties etc)

Mildly modified (H)

Mildly modified classics (minor modifications and personalisation, usually cars with lots of bolt on accessories)

Modified New MINIS (I)

All new MINIs that have undergone a modification.