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Store FAQs

  • When will the online shop be open?

    • The online shop will be open for ticket holders on Friday 9th October from 08:00 until 08:00 Saturday 10th October, accessible from a unique code sent via email. From 08:00 10th October the shop will be open to everyone until 08:00 Monday 12th October at which point it will close to allow us to dispatch the current orders. The store will then re open to everyone with the remaining stock on Friday 16th October 08:00.

  • Why do ticket holders get priority?

    • Usually, items such as the Corgi Models are only available to ticket holders on the day. To make it fair to collectors, ticket holders will be able to purchase these 24 hours before the public.

  • Why are you only opening the shop for 48 hours?

    • The entire shop is only a small operation, run by ourselves. We have to limit the amount of orders so that we can pack and process everything in a quick and timely manner to give you the best service.

  • Can I pick my Corgi model number?

    • Unfortunately not, the Corgi models have been pre packaged in protective boxes for shipping, therefore it is not possible to pick your number.​

  • Will my order come together?

    • It depends on what you buy. Plaques, flags, pin badges, keyrings and stickers will all come together. Due to the protective packaging, Corgies and Grille Badges will be sent separately by Signed For Delivery.

  • How much is postage?

    • Postage is calculated at checkout by weight of items. Postage ranges from £1.00 up to £15.00

  • Why do you have to charge postage?

    • Under normal circumstances we sell our merchandise on the day without the need for delivery. We decided that the best option for us was to still give you the opportunity to buy the merchandise, but unfortunately that requires postage. We have been as fair as possible with postage cost by managing it by weight so you only pay for what you buy instead of flat rate per item or order.

  • How long will it take for my items to arrive?

    • We endeavour to dispatch all items as quickly as possible. But, sometimes it can take a little longer. Please allow 7 working days for dispatch and 14 working days for delivery. You will receive a dispatch email once your order is posted. Please remember some items may arrive separately. 

  • Where is my unique code?

    • All ticket holders should have received an email detailing their online code for shop access. If you have not received a code, please check your junk email folder. Unfortunately, if you entered your email incorrectly on your application or did not provide one on your ticket / membership application it will not be possible for us to send you a code. If you believe you should have recieved a code, but did not, please email webmaster@london-to-brighton.co.uk. Only ticket holders and paid members from before October 1st will be eligible.

  • Can I share my code?

    • No. Your code is unique to you and orders will be monitored. Please only use one delivery address per code (Not applicable to Mini Clubs where one code is given per Club)

  • I brought my ticket through my Mini Club?

    • ​If you you bought your ticket through a club please contact your club event contact who can distribute their code.

Covid FAQs

  • When will the 2020 London To Brighton Take Place?

    • 16th May 2021

  • What’s happened?

    • The LSMOC (London and Surrey Mini Owners Club) have taken the decision to postpone the event for 2020 due to COVID-19 and legal reasons. After taking Government and medical advice regarding social distancing, we ultimately could not guarantee the safety of all participants at the event. Bromley Council has recently declared that all large events on their land be cancelled and that means Crystal Palace is not available to us Madeira Drive, Brighton has also been closed since lockdown and there appears no prospect of it reopening in time for our event in October.

  • I have bought a ticket for 17th May 2020 can I still use it?

    • Yes. All tickets for the original event will be valid for the rescheduled event next year on 16th May 2021.

  • Can I get a refund?

    • Not at present but you are free to sell your ticket privately. There are plenty of potential buyers online. Tickets can only be sold for face value and the new details must be forwarded to the organisers at enquiries@london-to-brighton.co.uk

  • Can I swap my ticket for a run pack?

    • No - the run packs have not been produced this year.

  • Can I buy a Corgi limited edition model?

    • Yes. Ticket holders will be sent a priority link to enable these to be purchased at least 24hrs before the general public. The date of sale and price TBC

  • Can I still get a window sticker for 2020?

    • Yes you can buy a window sticker from our online shop. The date of sale and price TBC

  • Can I purchase a 2020 run plaque?

    • No - none have been produced for 2020

  • Can I buy a 2020 run T-shirt?

    • No - none have been made for 2020

  • Can I buy other regalia for 2020?

    • We only have run flags, key rings, pin badges and very limited edition gear knobs available for sale. These will be offered via our online shop here. (The date of sale and price TBC) There will be no clothing available for 2020.

  • I have applied for the Ticket Swap 2021 scheme. Can I still get my 2021 ticket?

    • Yes. Your original ticket will be posted back to you. The original ticket will remain valid. 

  • I am on the waiting list for the 2020 event. How does this affect my chances of getting a ticket?

    • All those on the waiting list will be automatically transferred to the waiting list for 2021. When a ticket becomes available you will be notified by email so please check all your email folders. You will have one week to purchase your offered ticket. Offers to purchase these will be from December 2020.

  • I have applied for a place in the 2020 SNS. Will my place be kept for 2021?

    • No. You are kindly asked to reconfirm for 2021 to confirm your availability. Please email shownshine@london-to-brighton.co.uk

  • Lockdown has caused my T-shirt size to change. Can I update this?

    • Yes, but please email us at the address above.

General FAQs

  • How much are tickets?

    • General public £35, LSMOC Members £30

  • ​When is the London to Brighton mini run?

    • 10th & 11th October 2020 - POSTPONED (See Above)

  • When do I get my ticket?

    • Tickets will be posted up to 4-6 weeks after online application and payment has been received.

  • When do tickets go on sale?

    • January 2020

  • Why do some people have tickets already?

    • LSMOC Members get early application, LSMOC members ticket application forms arrive in the November edition Mini Torque prior to the run

  • Why don't you give a specific date of sale?

    • Simply, it hasn't been agreed yet. Watch this website and Facebook for information!​

  • What does my ticket get me?

    • Entry to Crystal Palace with camping, entry to Madeira Drive, run plaque, t-shirt, stickers and programme. 

  • Is each ticket per car or per person?

    • Per car, the ticket will get you as many people that you can fit into your car (legally) into the show!

  • Can I bring my trailer?

    • No, trailers cannot be brought into show areas at Crystal Palace or Brighton

  • Can I bring a support vehicle?

    • No, support vehicles cannot be brought into show areas at Crystal Palace or Brighton

  • Can I use my drone?

    • No, nope, definitely not, nada, noooooo. No drones are permitted at any time during the run. This includes at Crystal Palace and Brighton! Don't hesitate to contact us if you need this specific question in any other language, or large print! But seriously, no drones.

  • Where is Alan?

    • We really have no idea...​

  • Can we camp together?

    • Of course! But you must arrive together! It is extremely busy when we are arranging cars and camping. It is not possible to wait for your group to arrive​. Spaces will not be saved. There are plenty of roads you can pull over on to wait for your group.... This isn't Top Gear!

  • Can I use my BBQ?

    • Yes! Hot food is a must and who camps without a BBQ? But, they must be raised from the ground. No fires permitted on site

  • What facilities are at Crystal Palace?

    • Toilets, hot food trucks and first aid​. There are limited cleaning facilities on site, but we're sure you've gone longer without a shower.....

  • What if i don't want to camp?

    • I guess we will see you at 05:00 on Sunday morning to line up!​

  • Where does the London to Brighton Mini Run Start?

    • London. Crystal Palace Park to be precise ​

  • What time do the cars line up?

    • Your guess is as good as ours?! Just enjoy your weekend, we will tell you when to line up!​ Being first isn't always best. It's not a race

  • Can I bring my "New" MINI or is it just classic minis?

    • All minis, all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all colours, all conditions ..... No metros though

  • Where can I find the photos taken on entry to Madeira Drive?

  • What are all these charges i'm hearing about in London?

    • The ULEZ, LEZ & CC Charges are confusing to some, we have briefly detailed these charges on our run information page​, however, Crystal Palace can be travelled to without having to pay!

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