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The London To Brighton mini Run will be going into storage for the last time in 2023
Why has this happened?

Due to the introduction of the expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone it will no longer be feasible for us to hold this event.


Whilst we understand that this may be disappointing for some, it is important to us to make sure that we can still offer value for money within a fun packed weekend. With the new introduction of the ULEZ, run participants would be required to pay an additional £25 (£12.50 per day) to enjoy the weekend increasing our event costs to £70, once you include the price of a weekend ticket. We feel that this will have a detrimental effect upon the event and we are unable to risk a reduced uptake in participants which could lead to cancellation and financial loss for London & Surrey Mini Owners Club. 

We have reviewed the costs of a weekend ticket and are unable to lower these due to the increase in costs of obtaining event permits from London boroughs and Madeira Drive, Brighton, so therefore we have made the decision to not take the event forward past 2023.  

Is there any chance this will change?

Yes. This decision has not been taken lightly after the events 36 year history. We are fully aware that this event is much loved and a favourite on the mini scene calendar year after year.


Should the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone not take place then this decision will of course be reviewed and the event may return for 2024, however, should the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone go ahead we are afraid the 2023 will be the last time this event is held.

Have you explored a different start location?

Yes. Every year we explore and discuss new options for the start point of the London to Brighton. In 2022 we moved the start location from Crystal Palace to Cheam recreation ground hoping that this would be a long-term solution. 

We have explored holding the event outside of London in order to combat the new emissions charges, however we feel that this takes away from the heritage of the event and we would no longer be able to call it the London To Brighton Mini Run. Part of the appeal of the London To Brighton is it's heritage and history relating to the mini. We have also taken on board feedback from those unhappy with the move away from Crystal Palace and do believe that once again, this could be at detriment if we move the start location for a second time in as many years. 

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