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Rules of the run

Important Information

Your ticket has two perforated sections. The L section should be signed in front of the Marshals at the booking-in desk at Cheam Recreation Ground. The Marshal will remove the L section and issue you with a Run Pack (one Run Pack per applicant). The B section of the ticket should be removed by Marshals on entry to Madeira Drive, Brighton. The event is strictly no ticket no entry, so ensure you keep your ticket safe as it cannot be replaced. If your ticket is damaged please contact London & Surrey Mini Owners Club (LSMOC) immediately.

  • The LSMOC reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify any entrants from the Run without a refund. This applies to anyone who is thought to be driving recklessly, is using intimidating and abusive behaviour, or does not obey the instructions of the Organisers and Marshals.

  • Run tickets are non-transferable and not for re-sale. Any ticket found to be sold on auction websites will be withdrawn. This is to ensure that all Mini Owners can enjoy the Run at a reasonable price. LSMOC may allow tickets to be transferred but only with prior consent and at original cover price, please email if you require clarification.

  • The Club does not accept liability for any loss or damage of any kind due to participating in the Run. Remember thieves may be operating on the Run or in the area so lock all valuables away.

  • All entrants are required to park in the official parking areas at Cheam Recreation Ground and Brighton. Use of the public car parks and side streets at Cheam Recreation Ground for official entrants is not permitted.

  • The Run is for all Minis (whatever shape or form but excluding the Mini Metro). If you turn up with any other car, you will not be permitted entry to Cheam Recreation Ground or Madeira Drive. Trailers and vehicles towing Minis will not be allowed into show areas.

  • Due to local Bylaws at both Cheam Recreation Ground & Madeira Drive, Brighton; and for health & safety reasons, drones must not be used at any point over the L2B weekend. Anyone caught using them will be ejected from the Run & will be banned from future L2B’s.

  • The Show ‘n’ Shine Judge’s decision is final. The rights to transfer any Mini from class to class in the Show ‘n’ Shine are reserved. If you have any dispute, please write to the Chairperson (Details found in the run booklet).

  • Follow the Marshals’ instructions AT ALL TIMES.

  • No charging or discharging of fuel tanks is permitted at any of the show areas. Any spillages must be reported to a Marshal immediately.

  • The ULEZ charge zone in London comes into effect from 8th April 2019. It covers the current congestion charge area and most cars will be liable to a £12.50 charge if you enter the zone. For clarification no part of the L2B run is within the zone. More details at The LSMOC are not liable for any charges incurred.

  • There is a 5mph speed limit in Cheam Recreation Ground, London and on Madeira Drive, Brighton.

  • Once again LSMOC will be producing a limited-edition model to commemorate the Run. To try and make the allocation fairer we will only sell these models to entrants of the L2B. If you would like to purchase a model you will need to attend the LSMOC merchandise stand in Brighton and present your Run ticket. Your ticket will be marked to show you have purchased a model. Further information will be available in the Run Programme.

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