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  • Due to the postponement of the 2020 London To Brighton to 16th May 2021, you are kindly asked to reapply for your Show 'N' Shine place and confirm your 2021 availability, for any enquiries please email - shownshine@london-to-brighton.co.uk. Full details regarding the date change can be found here and our FAQs can be found here

  • The Show ‘n’ Shine competition is a great opportunity for you to show off your car. It is not a concourse competition and your car does not have to be perfect, however the standard is very high. It is about how clean your car is and how well it is presented.

  • Show 'N' Shine places are allocated on a first come, first served basis and only the registered keeper (Named on the V5C) may enter with a valid driving licence (You must own & drive the car).

  • Entry to the competition is simple, just review the class list below and decide which category suits your car and then complete and return the application form ensuring you complete all the boxes and include an stamped addressed envelope and a picture of your car (pictures will not be returned).

  • Upon receipt your application and photograph will be checked to ensure the category applied for is correct. Providing the class applied for is not full we will then book your place in that category and send you an entry information leaflet and special car sticker. The car sticker is your confirmation of entry and it must be displayed in your windscreen to ensure we know who you are before entry. If the class applied for is full we will attempt to move you into another suitable class, however this is not always possible. If you have any questions or are unsure which class to apply for email us at: shownshine@london-to-brighton.co.uk

  • Marking of the competition starts at around 1.00 pm and you must remain with your car from this time onward until marked.

  • Processing a Show ‘n’ Shine application may take several weeks. Once each class is full a reserve list will be held. It is essential that if you book and are unable to take your place you inform us as soon as possible.

Explanation Of Classes

  • A – Mini 1959 – 1969

    • All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period

  • B – Mini 1970 – 1979

    • All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period

  • C – Mini 1980 – 1989

    • All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period

  • D – Mini 1990 – 2001

    • All standard Minis and derivatives produced in this period (Classics Only)

  • E – MINI 2001 - Present

    • All makes and models of standard New MINIS

  • F – Commercial

    • Classics, Mokes, Pickups and Vans

  • G – Highly Modified

    • Highly modified classics(Altered bodywork or major customisation including race cars, shorties etc)

  • H – Mildly Modified

    • Mildly modified classics(Minor modifications and personalisation, usually cars with lots of bolt-on accessories)

  • I – Modified New MINIS

    • All new MINIs that have undergone a modification

(Cars with very minor changes should go into year-specific class)

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Question or query?

Email - shownshine@london-to-brighton.co.uk

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